Freelance web development


Your product needs a decent website, maybe even a webshop or maybe you want to keep your userbase updated through your website.

Your custom requirements are easily met by building custom websites, starting from your needs. You control how to use and operate your website!

Internal tooling

Lots of people perform lots of repetitive tasks. Us - software developers - like to automate the bland and boring stuff.

Examples that jump into mind:

  • Generating invoices
  • Keeping track of orders
  • Managing your staff
  • Tracking room reservations

Ofcourse, this list is not exclusive. Contact me to bounce your ideas and hear what's possible.

Extra manpower

Sometimes you're just short a pair of hands to work on your existing codebase. In that case, if the requirements are met, I can work for you on an hourly base or based on a project fee.

Collaboration is done on an active base - you will get pointers and hints from me how you can further improve the code structure and what optimizations are still possible.

Favourite technology

  • django-logo


    Django is a high-level web framework written in Python, aimed on 'perfectionists with deadlines'.

  • django-logo


    PostgreSQL is an excellent, performant relational database, my first choice to handle your data with excellent integrity.

  • django-logo


    Every serious project needs serious tooling. Git is the preferred VCS, and Github is the popular repository hosting choice.

This is the basic set of tool that would probably be used with each new project. There is a lot more though: nginx is the first choice of webserver, which proxies to uwsgi which talks to Django.

For caching, redis and memcache are viable options.

Deployment is automated with Ansible, and all passwords and other secrets are stored in an encrypted vault.


Need help figuring out performance issues? Or are there bugs that prove to be hard to squash? Need help with architecture/stack design?

These kind of issues can be tackled in consultancy sessions. The existing code is analyzed and points of improvement are pointed out, with a focus on quick wins and a roadmap for long term changes.

Supported technologies: