Modelbrouwers.nl is a scale modeling community with phpBB at its core. Django is used for sign-up/sign-in and all non-standard phpBB features.

For example - a custom image gallery, tightly integrated into the phpBB board. Other features include management tools for group builds, and work in progress consists of building a model shop database, a kit database with reviews and an event calendar.


Koningskerk.nu is the new platform for the Langerak church. The previous website was old, not fashionable and full of security holes, so a new website was built from the ground up.

At the core sits Django and Django CMS, so the owners can freely create their own content. Integrated into the CMS there are a (login protected) profiles module and an agenda with upcoming events/church services.

Global site-wide search is enabled with ElasticSearch for quick and relevant results.


Schoolonline is a commercial, modular software suite aimed at schools.

I've had the responsibility of the Electronic Learning Environment (ELO) during my time at the company. Currently, I'm freelancing to help out with debugging and provide some consultancy on how to implement/fix items.

One of the biggest components is a 'My documents' module, rebuilt with a focus on peformance. The backend has been transfermed to serve data via a REST api, while the front has been rewritten to make use of object-orientend Javascript and uses Handlebars for client-side templating.